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Grundfos has been selling pumps and associated products in New Zealand for almost 40 years. The company has a strong commitment to New Zealand, providing pumping solutions to meet virtually any need. The group places a strong emphasis on research and development, and its reputation for innovation ensures customers benefit from the latest technology through pumps that are energy efficient, reliable and able to withstand the harshest of conditions. Grundfos’s long association with New Zealand and its commitment to the future are strong reasons to use Grundfos pumps. Along with the support and advice of experienced staff, who will assist you with pumping solutions.

Grundfos values your business and looks forward to your complete satisfaction.

Visit the Grundfos website at www.grundfos.com.

CR/CRI/CRN – Multi Stage Inline Centrifugal Pump

High performance multi-stage pump ideal for irrigation and stock water.

Energy efficient multi-stage centrifugal pumps ideal for water supply, irrigation and wash down. The pump can be direct coupled to either a single or three phase Grundfos motor. Internal components are made from stainless steel with water lubricated bearings and seals.


  • Wide performance range means there is a pump to suit your specific needs.cr_cri_crn
  • Energy efficient design resulting in reduced operating costs.
  • Compact design means reduced installation and servicing costs.
  • Optional dry run sensor provides peace of mind.

SPA/SP – Submersible Borehole Pump Range

Stainless steel ground water submersible pumps

Ideal for ground water supply for irrigation, farm supply and house water supply. The proven design coupled with extensive use of stainless steel, results in a pump with an extremely high level of efficiency and reliability.


  • A wide range of models will ensure that your specific needs are met.
  • spa_sp
  • Pump design with water lubricated bearings and water filled motor ensures no contamination of water supply from the pump components.
  • High efficiency pump and motor means reduced operating costs

Dairy Blaster – Washdown Pump

Heavy duty dairy wash down pumps

The Dairy Blaster range offers a choice of pumps to handle the toughest dairy wash downdairyblaster applications. The robust design combines the strength of cast iron and stainless steel to deliver strong performance and optimum reliability.


  • Robust cast iron housing.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel shaft and impeller.
  • Maintenance free mechanical seal provides reliable operation.
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled motor that is vermin resistant.dairyblaster_1

Mineral and Chemical Injection Pump

Easy to use, accurate digital dosing pump

The new Digital Dosing pump maintains 99% accuracy across the flow range, ensuring chemical wastage is kept to a minimum, reducing overall operating costs.

KEY FEATURESdosingpump

  • Easy to use soft touch panel.
  • Flow displayed on screen.
  • Accurate and economical.
  • Full pulse control.
  • Analogue 4-20mA control.
  • Simple on site recalibration.dosingpump1

AP – Submersible Pit Pump

Wastewater pumps for shed pits and effluent.

Ideal for effluent disposal from sheds and underpasses. Also suitable for stormwater, grey water and domestic sewage disposal.



  • Corrosion resistant all stainless steel construction.
  • Manual and automatic pump options ensure that your application needs are met.
  • Liquid temperatures up to 55°C means greater flexibility of use.

Grundfos – The complete home water supply unit

Compact, all in one unit for your home water supply.

The Grundfos MQ is a compact pressure boosting unit specially designed for home watertap_mq supply. A choice of two models covers most standard home water supply requirements.

The MQ is built for a long, trouble free life and is made from robust corrosion free materials.

Operation of the MQ pump is simple and easy, once the pump has been installed and filled with water it needs only a push on the “On button” to provide many years of reliable service. The built in pressure tank caters for small leaks but when a tap is opened the pump automatically starts to provide a continuous supply of water.switch_mq

The “anti cycle” design means that when a shower is in use the pump will remain in operation to minimise temperature fluctuations.

The performance of the MQ range makes it ideal for split level homes or installations with long pipe runs which require higher operating pressures to ensure a comfortable shower.

MQ pumps are protected against both over heating and dry running and a light on the mqpump tells you when there has been a fault. You can select either a manual or automatic restart.

The compact horizontal design of the MQ pump means it can be installed almost everywhere. The unique self priming feature makes the MQ ideal for applications where the water is coming from either an above ground or underground tank and because the self priming feature is only used when needed it means lower power consumption and quieter operation.

Due to its integrated stop/start design there is no need to worry about adjusting a separate pressure switch and because the MQ is internally cooled by the water it pumps – it is a very quiet pump.

Stainless Steel Water Pressure Tank


Onga Pumps

Onga first started in 1967 by producing pumps to suit Australia’s vast range of environments and climates. Since then it has adapted and evolved with the needs of farmers and landowners, becoming both a reputable brand, and Australian icon. With an established reputation for quality, efficiency and durability, it wasn’t long before Onga started using its expertise to solve New Zealand farmers’ pumping needs as well.

Today, in New Zealand, Onga continues to evolve with the needs of New Zealand’s farming community to produce a range of products that reflect 40 years of outstanding pump engineering.

Onga Farmmaster – Shallow Well Pumps & Injectors

Onga’s cast iron Farmmaster series of pumps are engineered for ultimate reliability and proformance. These pumps give outstanding performance in almost any situation – whatever you need to do with water, you can’t beat an Onga Farmmaster. With cast iron construction and precision engineered internals, Farmmaster pumps are built tough to last in Australia’s demanding conditions.
The Farmmaster “Junior Jet” JJ range are compact and efficient pumps. Constructed in cast iron with precision-moulded hydraulic components, they are built for many years of hard work. For those looking for a household pump for the largest homes, the JJ400 or JJ600 can provide strong pressure throughout.


Onga Farmmaster – Deep Well Pumps & Injectors

The flagship of our range, the OJs, perform reliably in almost any situation – whatever you need to do with water, you can bet on an Onga OJ. They’re perfect for drawing water from any convenient source and taking it where you it.


The JJ pumps equipt with deep well injectors are ideal for supplying water from soures where the suction lift is greater than 7.6 metres. In fact, they can be set up to draw water from any source down to 40 metres. If your source changes, they can easily be converted between shallow well and deep well applications – there is no need to buy another pump.
OJ pumps equipt with deep well injectors can handle suction lifts down to 49 metres. Strong cast iron construction, industrial spec motors, and precision-moulded components work together to provide a rugged and reliable pump for your important applications

Applications: Tank filling, irrigation and sprinklers, stock water and household water supply

For all these pumps an offset flange can be used in place of the overbore elbows. This allows you to draw water from a river or other water service while the pump can be placed well above the flood line. You get all the benefits of drawing water while still having an above ground, easily serviceable pump.OJPump

Onga Hi-Flo Cast Iron Centrifugal Pumps

The Onga Hi-Flo range includes a wide variety of pumps fabricated from cast iron for ultimate strength and durability. From the smallest Model 252 up to the 180 series and 150 self primer, these pumps will take on the toughest jobs.




The self-priming versions of the Hi-Flo range are suitable for pumping septic tank effluent. They are surface mounted, and so are far easier to service than submersible pumps. With an open impeller and a built in check valve, they have excellent self-priming characteristics, and can handle soft solids without clogging.







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